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Farm and Garden

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We grow much of the food we feed our guests, and what we do not grow ourselves we try to get from neighbors or other local sources.

We have around 20 free range chickens for egg production. We exchange extra eggs with neighbors for other food or plants. Studies have shown that free range eggs are lower in cholesterol and healthier than mass market eggs. Just comparing the darker yolks will tell you something is very different.

Hawaii Island has every climate zone except the Arctic. That means almost anything can be grown somewhere here. We are located in a lowland rainforest at an altitude of 600 feet. Our normal temperatures range from lows in the 60's to highs in the 80's. The record low is 53°F and the record high is 93°F. We get almost 140 inches of rain a year.

Crops that are well suited for this area that we grow: papaya, banana (many varieties), citrus (many varieties), longan, lychee, Lilikoi (passion fruit,) rambutan, star fruit, coffee, macadamia nut, pitaya (dragon fruit,) Brazilian cherry, atamoya, cherimoya, soursop, avocado (several varieties,) purple potatoes, and pineapple.

We also have tropical spices: cinnamon, black pepper, garlic, nutmeg, curry, Thai basil, Hawaiian peppers, cardamom, and vanilla. In our greenhouse and vegetable garden we grow peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, beans, peas, and jicama.

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