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  • Black bamboo
  • Bamboo Lako
  • Jim Parker

There are two general types of bamboo, running and clumping. We only grow clumping bamboo. Bamboo loves water, making this a wonderful location for bamboo to grow.

We have about 20 varieties ranging from a small diameter monastery bamboo to giant bamboos, which at maturity it can be 6 inches in diameter and 120 feet tall. Among the species growing here are Dendrocalamus brandisii, Bambusa vulgaris, B. textilis, B. oldhamii, B. lako, Dendrocalamus asper 'Hitam', D. brandsii, D. latiflorus and Giantochloa atroviolacea.

We have three varieties of black bamboo and an unidentified bamboo that has a unique orange color.

Bamboo is a wonderful building material. The varieties we grow are good for eating or for construction, or both. It takes about 7 years to grow and process your first crop of construction grade bamboo, after which you will harvest a steady output every year. It has been estimated that an acre of mature bamboo can provide enough material to build three houses a year.

  • Striped bamboo
  • Striped bamboo 2